Laura’s Story: From Natural to C-Section

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My birth story is from 2010. I was pregnant with my 1st son. My husband and I had been taking natural childbirth classes from my friend’s mom who was a Doula. We were learning the Bradley method which involves a lot of breathing exercises and focuses on getting you mentally prepared for childbirth. We were ready to give natural childbirth a shot but 2 weeks before our due date we found out my son was breech. I tried a variety of tricks to get him to turn like going upside in the pool but it didn’t work. We scheduled a C-section.

With all the training we just went through I felt like a failure. I felt I was taking the easy way out and wouldn’t have to go through labor. To prepare myself I tried watching those baby shows but specifically the ones with C-sections.

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It was very nice not to have to go into labor or worry about when it was time to go. Even though the delivery went fairly smoothly it was not an easy recovery. My second 2 C-sections were better than the first because I learned about the Gentle C-section. During the first one I felt like no one even knew I was in the room. I had a screen in front of my face and all I could see was my husband next to me. I didn’t even know when my son was born until someone finally said something. Read more about the Gentle C-section in my blog post. 

Having a C-section is very hard on your body. I was worried about getting up out of the hospital bed and standing up straight because it felt like my stitches were going to rip open. Some of the worst pain was actually from gas that gets trapped inside during the surgery.

It takes a while for your insides to start working properly so before you go home they will make sure you can poop. This can be scary to do because everything hurts and you don’t want to use certain muscles. Make sure to take the stool softener they give you. 

I tried not to take the pain meds if I didn’t have to because I didn’t want to rely on them and was worried about them affecting my milk. I made the mistake of not taking pain meds just before we left the hospital and it was one of the worst drives home ever. We lived about 15 minutes from the hospital but I made my husband drive so slow because I felt every possible bump of the car. I was nearly crying when we got home. 

When we got home it was hard for me to go up and down our stairs so I would get myself set up with everything downstairs during the day and just go upstairs at night. 

Overall there are pros and cons to a C-section. If you are going to have one I would definitely recommend opting for the Gentle C-Section. Make sure you have help for a while after a C-section because the recovery is hard. 

My advice:

If you have a C-section. Be prepared to fart. Don’t try to keep it in if you are worried about those around you. You need to get it out or it will be very painful. Eat lots of fiber and take a stool softener. It will take a bit for your system to start working again and you can easily get backed up. Bring a binder to start wearing right away so your muscles can start being put back into place again. Start getting up and trying to walk sooner rather than later because it helps with recovery. Buy C-section underwear because they will go over your incision instead of sitting on it. Bring loose fitting clothes to go home in.

Make sure to take pain meds just before leaving the hospital. The ride home can be very painful. 


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