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1 year ago

Castor oil is also a big no-no because baby can pass meconium while they’re still inside you and inhale it, which can cause a wide range of breathing issues and infections. It can also cause decreased blood flow to baby.
Under my midwife’s care, I tried a wide range of natural induction methods to get things started in order to avoid medical induction for gestational hypertension. Tried pineapple, sex, RRLT, exercise, squats, pumping. And while the contractions did pick up for awhile, it didn’t quite get things going all the way. Still had to be medically induced for high BP. But, I was already at a 5 when we checked in.

Baths are also a tricky thing, because they can also stall labor for some women.

1 year ago

I swear I tried all of these and wish they had worked! I was so done being pregnant and, full term. tried all of these. Bub was just set on cooking a while longer.

1 year ago

I used almost all of these with my last labor- the castor oil was GROSS but it worked!

1 year ago

Great list of ideas on inducing labor naturally! I definitely tried a few of these, but maybe my baby came early because I ate SO MUCH spicy food during my pregnancy, lol.

Katie Frazier
Katie Frazier
1 year ago

I ate so much pineapple in that last month! I also powerwalked in my driveway! I was low key miserable. Lol