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1 year ago

My second is 6 months old, and I think I’m enjoying the milestones so much more this time around. Last time I was nervous what each stage would bring, but this time I know it goes so fast and that each stage brings more fun things to do!

Ashley Lavoie
1 year ago

My husband was totally clueless about babies and their development as well! I’ll never forget when my son rolled over at six weeks old and I was in awe and my husband asked, “shouldn’t he have been doing that since birth?!”. But this article is a great resource for new parents to reference when those milestones should be emerging and what to do if they have not yet. Thanks for posting!

1 year ago

Lovely post ! I love the first years of a baby’s life because of all the firsts that we get to experience. My son is 6 months old and every month has been a dream, to watch him do new things and grow up. It’s such a blessing to watch them grow.

Katie Frazier
Katie Frazier
1 year ago

My little man is 5 months and he’s trying to sit up, but he’s not quite there yet! He also makes the “ma ma ma” sound all the time! I can’t wait for everything to come!

Cousett Hoover
1 year ago

Both of my boys are stuck in developmental milestones. LOL. My older boy is refusing to be potty trained (he is almost 3.5) and the younger boy is excited about walking but just not there yet (14 months). We will get there. I think just about everyone learns how to go potty and everyone learns how to walk. Sometimes we as mamas are more anxious than the little one to do something.

1 year ago

This was super helpful! Although I have two kids with the youngest being 3 months, you quickly forget when each milestone happens. Thanks!

1 year ago

I really love this! So well organized. It’s nice to know when I can expect my LO to do things. We just got our first smile (1.5 months) and now we’re almost fully rolling over (2.5 months)! Can’t wait for him to start grabbing his toys, too! I’m pinning this because I’ll definitely be back to check in on where we’re at!

Renee Thomas
1 year ago

This is such a great article for parents to come to to learn when they should expect their LO’s to be doing certain things. I wish I had this guide to give my husband during the first year of parenthood. He would do the same exact thing as your husband. “shouldn’t he be doing this…” Watching your child develop and learn new things is such a great experience. Thanks for sharing.