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Erica (The Prepping Wife)

I don’t have kids, but I so love the quarter idea in regards to the “are we there yet” question! I have no clue why, but my mother would ask that question when going somewhere. Like, she reverted back in time or something during car trips where I was driving. I always answered with “five more minutes” every time. Lol. Never mattered if I was actually 5 minutes away or 45. That was the standard answer.

I can only imagine the dread of your first long car trip with your little one. I’m always interested in reading these posts to see if it was a success or a disaster. Is that terrible? But you seriously had it so well planned out and did your homework that it was obviously a success. Every parent should read this before their first long car trip with their munchkin. Your detailed list will save them a ton of time!