Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband

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Hey Ladies, today I am reviewing the Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Bellaband. This was a must-have during my pregnancy and I wore it almost every single day starting at about 16 weeks up to delivery.

Towards the beginning of the pregnancy when you start to form a bump, your pants will become hard to button. Slip this bad boy on over your unbuttoned pants and you are good to go! In the images for the product, it shows the silicon strip at the bottom, but I always had an issue with these sliding down my belly so I wore it up-side-down so the rubber would stick against my skin and wouldn’t budge all day.

When I got a little further along, I needed maternity pants but they were loose up at the top of my belly. I slipped the bellaband over the top of my maternity elastic and prevented them from sliding down.

Towards the end, the built in elastic on some pants became too tight or didn’t cover my whole belly, so I could roll the elastic down and put the bellaband over the top. It is truly amazing how versatile this product is, and it was one of my favorite pregnancy purchases.

Note: There is a cheaper bellaband listed on amazon, but it does NOT have the silicon strip. I also had one of these and wore it all of 2 times. Spend the extra money to get the band with the silicon, you will thank me later!

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