48: Household Chores with Ashley Buffa

Parenting Podcast – Episode 48: Household Chores with Ashley Buffa

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Ashley Buffa is a sweet and loving mother of, get this….10 CHILDREN!!! She’s a published author and expert on designing a chore schedule for your kids and entire family so mothers can have more time for focusing on their passions. With so many kids, Ashley learned the hard way how to put her home in organized bliss and now she’s a coach to mothers who aspire to be great business women but feel overwhelmed with motherhood. Ashley believes all women can manage a household AND have the business of their dreams. Her work is successful for implementing a strategy that is twofold: 

1. First teaching moms how to organize their children’s schedules to create enough time to work on their business goals daily. 

2. Then coaching her clients through building their first sales funnels and marketing campaigns.

She is here today to talk all about implementing chores in your household schedule and getting your children involved starting at the toddler age!


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Show Notes

  • How do you treat chores as a family event?
  • How do you start this process and get everyone on board?
  • I feel like kids would  be willing to start, but how do you keep them interested and engaged?
  • Do you clean during certain times of the day or is it more of a “keep everything tidy” type of mentality where you make sure to put things away after each use, or a mixture of both?
  • What age can children start doing chores?
    • What are some examples of age appropriate chores for younger children?
  • Do you have an allowance or other incentives to keep up with their chores?
  • Are some children easier to motivate than others? How do you convince kids that don’t want to clean to do so?
  • More information about Ashley’s course!

Where to find Ashley:

Website: https://smartkidschoresystem.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/freedommoms/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefreedommoms/ 

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