31: Transitioning to Whole Cow’s Milk

Parenting Podcast – Episode 31: Transitioning to Cow’s Milk

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Introducing cow’s milk to your toddler can be intimidating for most parents. There are so many questions and gray areas around this transition, but hopefully these tips will help you make the switch.

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Show Notes

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  • When to switch to cow’s milk?
  • Bottle vs Sippy Cup
  • Munchkin Weighted Straw Cups
  • Munchkin Toddler Cup with Lid
  • How to Introduce the milk?

Product Review

Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup 

Amazon (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2ZKXxOx 


Kellymom “Nutrition for Breastfeeding Toddlers”: https://kellymom.com/nutrition/starting-solids/toddler-foods/ 

Children’s Therapy T.E.A.M. “When should parents start thinking about introducing a sippy cup?”: https://www.childrenstherapyteam.com/index.php/2015/10/20/perspectives-on-sippy-cups/ 

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