68: Building a Diverse Home Library with Mijha Godfrey from Jambo Book Club

Parenting Podcast – Episode 68: Building a Diverse Home Library with Mijha Godfrey from Jambo Book Club

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Mijha Godfrey is a former affordable housing developer, lawyer and founder of Jambo Books. Jambo, which means both “hello” and “welcome” in Swahili, is a book subscription service for children aged 0 – 13 where all the books feature lead characters who are children of color.  The stories in Jambo Books focus on the beauty of childhood, the joys of friendship and family, the thrill of new adventures, the wonderful tapestry that is the life of a child of color.  

Mijha is passionate about helping parents raise children who won’t need to be taught how to tolerate people who are different from themselves because they will expect and enjoy healthy inclusion. Jambo Book Club members will recognize the same humanity in those who may not share their experiences that they see in those who do. 

Mijha lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and three children.


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Show Notes

– Why is it important to have a home library that reflects the diversity of the world outside

– What are the benefits of children seeing themselves in books?

-Seeing Reflections of Themselves

-Learning the True Nature of the World Around Them

-Seeing Themselves in Characters and Their Environment

– Why is it important to teach young brains to normalize people of color

– I love that Jambo provides stories that all children can relate to, including children of color. Do you also have books that represent other cultures, religions, and holidays? 

– What percentage of today’s books feature children of color? 

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