62: Gestational Diabetes with Ryan Kipping The Prenatal Nutritionist

Pregnancy Podcast – Episode 62: Gestational Diabetes with Ryan Kipping The Prenatal Nutritionist

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Ryann is a clinically trained Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Lactation Educator, and Author of The Feel-Good Pregnancy Cookbook. She is the founder of The Prenatal Nutritionist, a virtual nutrition private practice, which focuses on preparing women for pregnancy and conquering nutrition during and after pregnancy. She helps women feel confident in their ability to properly nourish a growing baby through a real food approach. Aside from one on one nutrition counseling, Ryann is a nutrition writer and content creator on her popular Instagram account @prenatalnutritionist.


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Show Notes

1. What is gestational diabetes and when does it normally show up in pregnancy?

2. How do you know if you have gestational diabetes

3. What cases GD and does it indicate a potential for diabetes later in life after pregnancy?

4. What are some of the risks if not treated properly? 

5. What should you do if you have gestational diabetes? 

a) Monitoring your blood sugar (what are the symptoms of low/high blood sugar)

b) What a healthy diet looks like

c) Staying active

d) Watching weight gain 

e) Do you need to take insulin? 

6. Do you have an example of what a pregnant mama should eat throughout the day? 

a) what foods to avoid, which foods to include in your daily diet

7. Any other tips for moms with GD?

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