Sneak Peek Gender Test

The Sneak Peek gender test is a DNA based test. It has a 99% accuracy starting at 8 weeks. The way this test works, is it looks for any y-chromosomes in your blood. Because you are a girl, you will not have any unless your baby is a boy. Therefore, if they find any it’s a boy, if they don’t find any it’s a girl. This is why it is SO important to have your husband or boyfriend stay far away from you during the test (we don’t want any false results). 

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Steps to make sure you get an accurate result:

  1. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before you start. It tells you this on the INSIDE of the box, which is dumb because you don’t end up reading it until you are ready to start. 
  2. Find a room that is NOT a bathroom, and preferably somewhere your husband, boyfriend, or any guy does not hang out frequently in. 
  3. Do not remove the plastic wrap until you are about to start the test. 
  4. Wipe down EVERYTHING! The counter, the outside of the box, the chair you are sitting in, etc. 
  5. Once the room, the outside of the box, and anything else you can think of is cleaned off, now it’s time to wash your hands. Find a sink that is closest to the testing site and leave all the doors open. You can’t touch anything after you’ve washed up. You’ve watched some sort of doctor show (Grey’s Anatomy fans, I’m looking at you), wash like you are going into surgery. 2 minutes, warm soapy water, they provide a brush to get under your nails, scrub like a madwoman and don’t use a towel! (I forgot this out of habit and had to wash all over again). 
  6. From here, just follow the instructions for how to do the rest of the test. 
  7. They provide you with everything you need to box it up and send it away. 

You get the test in the mail, take the test, and then package it back up. They provide everything you need to box it back up and the shipping is already paid for. Once they receive your sample in the mail you will get an email. They start the processing and you will have your results in 24 hours! (You can pay extra for the FastTrack option to get it back in 8 hours). 

Sneak Peek Gender Test Growing Our Family

Worried about the accuracy? 

With 99% accuracy, that means 1% of the tests come back incorrect. Don’t worry too much, they offer a full refund if the gender is wrong. I know quite a few moms who have taken this test and all of their results have come back correct so far. Looking at the reviews, it looks like the accuracy percentage is closer to 80% out of 1800 reviews. However, you never know if these people followed the instructions correctly. Also, most people who get inaccurate results will review the product with a negative review whereas people who get positive results are not as likely to go out of their way to leave a review. They get the positive test and move on. Most of the incorrect gender predictions say the baby is a boy when in reality it is a girl. This makes me think there was user error since the lab was able to pick up y-chromosomes in the sample. If you are truly worried about the results, you can hold off on purchasing non-refundable items until after your 20 week ultrasound to confirm. 

They will send you the results via email:

Sneak Peek Gender Test Growing Our Family
Sneak Peek Gender Test Growing Our Family
Sneak Peek Gender Test Growing Our Family

I totally think it was worth it. I am a very impatient person and I loved being able to start planning for my little boy so early! You can read more on their website HERE or check it out on Amazon below!

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