35: Cold, Flu, and RSV with Katie Coyle

Parenting Podcast – Episode 35: Cold, Flu, and RSV with Katie Coyle

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Today we have a special guest, Katie Coyle is a mom, pediatric nurse, and the blogger behind nurse mom shop. She’s here today to share some of the things you can do to prepare for and treat common childhood viruses at home. 

If you prefer to read instead of listen, check out her guest post on this topic here: https://growingourfamily.com/cold-flu-rsv/

Show Notes

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  1. What are some common signs of a cold?
  2. What are ways you can treat a fever?
    1. If your baby has a fever, what medications can you give? Age limits?
  3. Can you give a breakdown of temperatures? What is normal, what should be treated with medicine, and when should you go to the doctor? 
  4. Is there a difference between where the temperature is taken?
  5. Do you have a suggestion for a good thermometer?
  6. How to treat a cough or congestion?
    1. Can you put anything in the humidifier like vicks vaposteam or anything like that?
  7. What is safe to use for coughing over 6 months old?
  8. What symptoms indicate your child should go to the hospital?
  9. What is RSV?
    1. Why is this virus so scary for new parents?
    2. How do you know if your child has RSV?
    3. What is the treatment for it?
  10. Tips for keeping your children healthy?

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