41: Pregnancy Hormones with the PUSH Revolution Podcast

Pregnancy Podcast – Episode 41: Pregnancy Hormones with Courtney and Katie from the Push Revolution Podcast

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Courtney and Katie are a Doctor and Certified Nurse Midwife/Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner team here to provide expert advice and evidence-based information to empower parents in achieving understanding, support, and health in the pregnancy and postpartum period. They are here today to talk all about Pregnancy hormones and the effect they have on our bodies both before and after birth. 


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Show Notes

-What is a hormone?

-What are some of the major pregnancy hormones and how do they affect you?

→ HCG 
→ Estrogen
→ Progesterone 
→ Oxytocin
→ Prolactin
→ Relaxin 

-How do these hormones help your body change and develop during and after pregnancy?

→ Your Uterus
→ Bleeding
→ Breasts
→ Kidneys
→ Bladder
→ Ab Muscles

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