49: Hospitalists and Empowered Hospital Births with Dr. Nicole Rankins

Pregnancy Podcast – Episode 49: Hospitalists and Empowered Hospital Births with Dr. Nicole Rankins 

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Dr. Nicole Rankins is a board certified ob/gyn hospitalist who’s helped hundreds of women bring their babies into this world. She is the host of the  “All About Pregnancy & Birth” podcast, offers a free online class on how to make a birth plan, and provides an online childbirth education class, “The Birth Preparation Course”. She is here to talk about what a hospitalist is and how you can have an empowered hospital birth. 


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Show Notes

  • What is a hospitalist and how do they differ from a typical prenatal care physician?
  • What can women do to pave the way for an empowered hospital birth?
    • Prenatal classes
    • Communicating with doctors and nurses
    • Understanding their provider’s practice style
    • Understanding the hospital where you give birth
  • How to decide on your support team
  • How to advocate for yourself when you and your care provider don’t see eye to eye?
  • What if your care provider cannot attend your birth? How do you make a positive connection if you are meeting for the first time during labor?

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