Jia and Jumbo Swaddle Blankets

The Jia and Jumbo swaddle blankets are my favorite out of the 5-6 different brands we own. My son is no longer swaddled at night, but I wish I had these when he was. Our biggest problem with some of the other blankets was that they are not big enough to get a really tight swaddle and he was able to squirm out of them. The Jia and Jumbo blankets are almost 4’ wide and are perfect now for our son to use. We literally use them ALL. THE. TIME. From using as a blanket to sit on at the park or beach, to a light cover while we go for a stroller ride, the uses are endless.

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Jia and Jumbo Swaddle Blankets Product Review Growing Our Family


Some of the swaddles that I have do not wash well. After running through the drier, they shrink up or become so wrinkly that it’s hard to fold them nicely. The swaddles by Jia and Jumbo washed SO WELL! I was very impressed when I went to grab them out of the drier (after letting them sit for longer than I should have) to find that they had very minimal wrinkles and were able to fold nice and flat for storage.


They are so lightweight and easily compressed so you can bring them with you everywhere. I keep a blanket in the diaper bag at all times for a breastfeeding cover, for us to sit on instead of itchy grass, or to cover up my son if it gets chilly. These are the perfect weight so you don’t get overheated, especially during the warmer months. If you are breastfeeding, the large swaddles work so much better because you can easily tie the ends around your neck to keep the blanket up. It’s also perfect for stroller walks to keep the sun off Baby without making it too warm inside the stroller.


The prints are some of my favorites! I absolutely love the green/mint accent color because it is so gender-neutral. We try to stick to the green colors so it works well with all future babies as well. Each blanket has a different print on it. The first has a momma and baby owl, the second has giraffe’s, and the third has cute little bears on it. The white, grey, and mint color scheme is so adorable and works well with most boy or girl themed colors.

Milestone Stickers

As an added bonus, these come with very cute milestone stickers. It includes the basic month stickers but also has “firsts” like baby’s first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, first Easter, and Christmas. Each milestone sticker comes with a different design, and they are all so adorable.

Perfect for baby showers

These are gender-neutral so you can buy and have on hand for any last-minute baby shower gifts. Every second-time mom told me that you can never have too many swaddle blankets, and after having my son I totally agree. They are so versatile and these blankets by Jia and Jumbo exceeded my expectations.

Before having my baby, everyone kept recommending the muslin blankets. I was assuming this was a brand of swaddle, not the material. I have tried many of the very well-know brands and this set comes out on top with the larger size, premium feel, and the use of organic materials. My son’s skin is super sensitive and I have to use baby detergent on all of his clothes, so I was happy to see that these are 100% organic.

Baby on Jia and Jumbo Swaddle Blanket


As a bonus, the price is great for such a high quality item! To sweeten the pot, the wonderful team over at Jia and Jumbo provided me with a temporary discount code for all of my friends here on the Growing Our Family Blog and Podcast.

You can get 15% off through their website https://jiaandjumbo.com/ using the code BABY15

Or you can get 10% off through Amazon using the code GROWING10


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