LILLEbaby Carrier Review

The LILLEbaby All Seasons carrier is the perfect way to keep your baby close when out and about. It offers 6 different ways to carry your child, so the carrier can grow with your baby. My son is 9 months old and I still love to wear him in our LILLEbaby. 


One of the greatest things about baby wearing is the ability to keep your little one close and secure. People love to touch and get close to babies, but this isn’t always the most sanitary thing, especially during cold and flu season. I learned quickly that people are much less likely to get close to my baby when they are strapped to your chest. 

When you wear your baby, you don’t have to worry about stroller accessibility, your arms getting tired, and they stay much warmer when they are this close to you. I love that it has the optional head support for newborns so you can lean over and know they are still supported. This is great for if you wear the carrier while cleaning, doing laundry, or even loading the dishwasher. Baby wearing in general is great for getting things done around the house, but the LILLEbaby makes it so much easier. 


The LILLEbaby carrier comes with many features that provides such a comfortable wearing experience. The first major feature is the lumbar support. This support sets the carrier apart from most other baby carriers. Although I love a good fabric carrier, I cannot express the added comfort this lumbar support brings. Whenever we are travelling, hiking, or going to long events, I make sure to bring the LILLEbaby so I know I can handle wearing my son all day. 

The carrier also comes with a zippable front panel to help with air flow when needed. This is great because you can leave it unzipped for summer months and keep it zipped up during the winter. This seems to really help keep my son cool and reduce the amount of sweating when it is warm outside. 

The shoulder straps are padded and wide enough so it sits comfortably on your shoulders. It also has an adjustable waist belt to help support the baby. Both the shoulder straps and the waist belt are easily adjusted, even by yourself. The back of the shoulder straps has a clip so the straps cannot slide off your shoulders while you are walking around. 

The most amazing thing about the carrier is how well it can distribute baby’s weight. Other carriers can start to wear on you and your shoulders after holding the child for even a short period of time. You can wear the shoulder straps like a backpack, or can criss cross them depending on your preferences. 


When searching for a carrier, I wanted something that could be easily adjusted. My husband is almost a foot taller than I am and we wanted a carrier that could be used by either of us. The LILLEbaby is so easy to adjust and fits comfortably on both body styles. 

The carrier is also incredibly versatile, as it can be positioned 6 different ways to grow with your baby. Anywhere from front facing, to hip carry, to putting your toddler on your back! Unlike other brands, this carrier is good from newborn to toddler without any additional accessories. 


One of the biggest downsides I’ve seen for this carrier is how uncomfortable it seems for baby when they are front facing. I’m not sure if these reviews are from people who have properally changed the carrier to front facing. Unfortunately, this carrier is not the easiest to adjust to forward facing; especially compared to some of the competitor brands like Omni. 

To switch to forward facing you have to take off the belt, unsnap the seat from the belt, remove the lumbar support, remove the waist belt from the seat flaps, fold the seat inwards to go from wide to narrow, and rethread the lumbar support. It’s quite the ordeal so it’s not very practical to switch from outward to inward facing while you are out and about.  

Competitor Comparison

The Omni 360 is the closest comparison carrier to the LILLEbaby. I did a lot of research between the two and I ended up going with the LILLEbaby for a few reasons. First, the LILLEbaby can carry a kid from newborn to 45 pounds. Although Omni also can hold a baby up to 45 lbs, you need an additional insert to accommodate the newborn stage. 

Second, the LILLEbaby has a wider seat than the Omni. Even though the Omni offers 3 different widths, we will end up getting more use out of the wider seat as our son gets larger. 

Overall, we decided to go with the LILLEbaby and we are extremely happy with our decision. Check it out on Amazon here: