Sleep/Eye Mask

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So this product is not directly baby-related, but it is so useful to anyone who has troubles falling asleep – which typically IS baby-related. I love the sleep mask by Mubarek on Amazon because it doesn’t go around your head. I am very sensitive to anything tight and get headaches easily, so this product is great because it just hooks behind your ears.

The straps are highly adjustable so you can control how tight you want it. Because they just hook behind your ear, it is a lot harder for it to slide off while you sleep. With a traditional sleep mask, I always wake up with it hiding in the sheets or under the pillow. Also, anything with a velcro strap gets caught in my hair which is highly obnoxious.

The mask is great at keeping any light out, so it is perfect for those daytime cat-naps while the baby is sleeping! It has two sides depending on your preferences – the black side is silk and cooler against your skin while the lighter side is slightly warmer. The mask is very puffy and does not put pressure against your eyes, although it does touch your eyes and you can feel your eyelashes against it when you open or close them.

Overall, I think this is a great product with great customer feedback. If you are having any issues at all with falling or staying asleep, I would highly recommend giving this mask a try.