22: Birth Doulas with Momma McGovern

Pregnancy Podcast – Episode 22: Birth Doulas with Momma McGovern. 

Are you considering hiring a doula for your birth? Wondering what a doula does and how they can help? Curious if it’s worth the extra expense? A doula is a person hired to assist women through their pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. Here is the lowdown on what a doula is and why they can be beneficial. 

If you prefer to read instead of listen, check out my blog post on the subject here: https://growingourfamily.com/doulas/ 

Show Notes:

  • What is a Doula?
  • Are Doulas qualified?
  • Momma McGovern’s Doula Experience
  • Choosing a Doula
  • How Doulas help during pregnancy
  • Creating a Birth Plan
  • How Doulas help during labor and delivery
  • How Doulas help during postpartum

Must Ask Questions before Hiring a Doula: https://mommamcgovern.com/must-ask-doula-interview-questions/ 

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