59: Newborns in the NICU with Sara Fung

Pregnancy Podcast – Episode 59: Newborns in the NICU with Sara Fung from the Gritty Nurse Podcast

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Sara has been a registered nurse since 2007 and obtained her Master’s of Nursing in 2009. Her expertise is in maternal child health, with clinical experience in Obstetrics and the NICU. She has worked in both academic and community hospitals and home health as a bedside nurse, educator, advanced practice nurse and professional practice specialist. In addition to working full time, she is also a mother of 2, resume writer/interview coach, and podcaster for the Gritty Nurse Podcast!


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Show Notes

– What does NICU stand for?

– How did you decide to specialize in NICU? 

– What does it take to become a NICU nurse? 

– What are some of the common diagnoses among newborns in the NICU, and is there an average length of stay?

– What kind of support is available for NICU parents?

– Are there restrictions on who can visit the NICU and when they are allowed to?

– What does a typical day look like in the NICU for Baby? 

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