Maternity/Nursing Nightgown

Hey there Moms & Moms-to-be! I have found the best nursing gown and I have to share with all of you. Even at 4 months postpartum I still wear it to bed to make midnight feedings easier.

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I bought it while I was pregnant because wearing pants or shorts wasn’t an option with how many times I had to get up to go to the bathroom during the night. The stretchy material is so soft and it fit around my (huge) belly no problem. It’s also long enough so you can wear it over the belly no problem, all my normal sleep dresses became more like shirts when I tried this.

I ended up packing it in my hospital bag. I heard wearing a gown is easier with all the nurses checking you, and I am SO glad I did! First, I was so scared of bleeding on my clothes that I could just pull it up when I slid into bed under the covers. Second, my feet and legs were so shaky from 29 hours of not being able to move and fluids being pumped into me. Trying to get out of bed or maneuvering in a way to pull down a pair of pants was just not an option. The nurses came in often to check bleeding and “massage” your uterus. Sorry to tell you, but they only call it a massage so you don’t tell them to go fly a kite; there is nothing that feels good about this so-called “massage”.

I know a lot of people just like wearing the hospital gown the whole time, but mine wouldn’t stay up and kept falling down my shoulder, especially while breastfeeding. I spent more time tying and retying the strings than I thought I would and by the time they transferred me upstairs after birth, I was so happy to have something cozy to change into after my shower.

The dress falls to just about the knee on me and I am 5’ 7”. It has a row of buttons on the top. When unbuttoned completely, I was able to pull both boobs out at the same time no problem (great for pumping!). I have it in black and ordered a second in red. I felt very comfortable wearing it around the nursery in the hospital and walking the halls. It is very modest and not see-through like a lot of night gowns are.

I loved it so much that I ordered another on amazon to have waiting for my when I got home. Yay for prime shipping! I pretty much lived in these gowns for the first two weeks. Breastfeeding and pumping was challenging enough as is; trying to also navigate which clothes best accommodate it is just not necessary. Looking back I should have probably ordered at least one more for the hospital. This would have given me a total of three during those first few days.

Overall I would say it was a great find. I highly recommend getting one if you are thinking about a gown, sleep dress, or a breastfeeding/pumping accessible garment. It’s super practical, affordable, and cute! Pair it with my favorite nursing bras here and you are good to go [or check out my full review HERE]!

For a list of items that I packed in my hospital bag (and a list of what I ACTUALLY used) check out my blog post “Birth Bag Packing List“.

Check it out on amazon through my link below!

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