Nursing Bra

Let me tell you about my nursing bras – they are SO comfortable! I purchased the iLoveSIA bras back when I was pregnant and needed a bra that didn’t have an underwire. I purchased a $50 bra at a maternity store and it’s nice, but I love these bras from amazon so much more, for a fraction of the cost! These are $30 for 3 bras, so only $10 each. Check out my full nursing bra review here!

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Some of their great features are:

  • They come with very easy snaps in the front so you can hook and unhook one handed
  • They have a wide band with 4 clips on the back so it is very comfortable and doesn’t dig in
  • So many fun colors (Note: Normally black hides everything, but black shows every bit of milk stain and crusties – gross, I know – so I have two black bras to go with my black tanks and the rest are in the lighter colors).
  • They hold their form really well. I use the freemie cups all day at work and even though they extend my bra about twice the size, they aren’t all stretched out at the end of the day.
  • Great for all sizes – I was a 36c before pregnancy and I would say the girls grew about a cup size when my milk came in and they still fit great, I bought Large. I’ve read through the reviews and women from size a through f/g say they love this bra and the support.
  • Comfortable for pregnancy, nursing, and sleeping.

The size range is as follows:

  • S Fit 30ABC 32AB 34A
  • M Fit 30DE 32CD 34BC 36AB
  • L Fit 30F 32EF 34DE 36CD 38ABC 40A
  • XL Fit 34F 36EF 38DE 40BCD
  • 2XL Fit 38DDD 40DD 40DDD 42DD

I would say the only downside is also one of my favorite features – the 4 clasp back. Because it has 4 clasps, it provides a very wide and supportive back BUT I can sometimes have trouble getting all four clasps hooked quickly. However, this only happens about once every two weeks where I struggle and it’s a small price to pay for such a comfortable and well-made bra.

Do yourself a favor and click the link below to buy from amazon now.

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