Nursing/Car Seat Cover

This product is one of the most versatile products I own. It is a lightweight cover to use on your baby’s infant seat, stroller, high chair, or you can use it as a light blanket, scarf, and makes for the best nursing cover. Is there anything it doesn’t do? 

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I didn’t realize how many different applications this item had when I originally added it to my baby registry. It was recommended to me by another mom and I am so glad I purchased it! This item has a permanent spot in my diaper bag, and I bring it everywhere I go. 

The most amazing nursing and car seat cover product review

Seat/Stroller Cover:

This is perfect from protecting your baby from the elements. It is a breathable cover to protect from the sun, wind, rain or even snow! There is a large opening on the bottom and a smaller opening on the top. You can thread it over your child’s infant seat and place the small opening by the top handle. This allows you to hold the handle and gives you an access point to look in and check on your baby. 

The cover also is a great barrier to keep everything inside. During the cold winters, your child will like to kick off their blankets when you are out and about. This cover will not only keep the wind and rain or snow off your baby, but it will also keep all the blankets and accessories inside the car seat. It will also prevent them from dropping any toys or pacifiers outside of the seat and onto the ground. 

This cover is an amazing way to prevent strangers from getting too close to baby when you are out and about. For some reason, complete strangers are going to want to touch your child. This creates a protective boundary around your baby while they are in the car seat or stroller to hopefully keep those grubby hands away. 

High Chair

This is the perfect cover for any high chair. Whether that is your home high-chair that you are trying to keep semi-clean during feedings, or to use as a germ barrier while you are out to eat, this cover is perfect for the job. You can slide the large opening over the chair and then place your baby through the small opening. This prevents baby from touching the chair with his/her hand or trying to chew on the restaurant’s gross high chair. You can also use a shopping cart cover, but these take up more room and are easier to forget while you are on-the-go.  


This is my most used application for the product. I much prefer this cover over the typical scarf-cover or a standard swaddle blanket. This cover goes over both of your shoulders at the same time, so it keeps you completely covered while breastfeeding. As Baby gets older, they will try to pull or kick the nursing covers off while you are feeding. This can get a little uncomfortable, especially when you are feeding in crowded areas. This cover goes on over your shoulders and covers the baby completely. This means it is much harder to pull the cover up, exposing you to the world. The fabric is similar to a dry-fit material so it is very breathable and extremely light-weight. The top opening is stretchy enough that you can easily pull it open to take a peek at the baby while nursing. When trying to latch baby, I just pop my head inside the cover so we are both covered and then pull it down once Baby is properly latched. 


This is a great and versatile product. My only wish was that they had a warmer version to use during the winter time. However, this is nothing that a few layers and blankets can’t fix. This is a staple in my diaper bag and one of the best items I received during my baby shower. Since having my son, I have seen so many other moms using this same product, and we all agree that they are amazing! 

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