Is it okay to Throw Your Own Baby Shower?

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Hi there ladies, I am here to talk about baby showers and to let you know it is OK to throw your own shower! I see this question all over the place, women talking about how nobody offered to throw a shower for them and thinking that they just don’t get to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their first baby with friends and family.

Why don’t people offer to throw one?

Normally, it’s not because they don’t care – you still get people asking you all the time when your shower is, where it’s going to be, what the theme is, and a bunch of other questions. I think most of the time, people either don’t think about asking or don’t want to be obligated to pay for the whole thing – showers can get expensive! Nobody knows how to say “I’ll throw the shower, but I can’t afford to pay for the venue or food for a bunch of people”. To be honest, I don’t think anyone SHOULD be responsible for carrying that financial burden. All of these gifts are going towards you and your baby and will save you money in the long run.

If you are one of these people who are thinking about throwing your own shower, I say go for it! I hosted my own shower, at my house, and nobody said a thing. It was beautiful, exactly how I envisioned it, and everyone had an amazing time. My wonderful mother also threw me a shower back in my hometown for all the guests that didn’t want to travel out of state, and it was equally as perfect. What I’m trying to say is, there is no wrong answer here – but if you want a shower to celebrate this bundle of joy, then absolutely do whatever you have to do to get your shower!

Our Experience

My shower was extremely simple. We decided to throw our own co-ed baby shower with all of our friends and family. The party was a “Fall” theme since it was right around Thanksgiving and I made a chili bar – complete with chili, hot dogs, cornbread, and all the fixings. I made three crockpots full of different types of chili so the prep was so easy and inexpensive. I would say the total cost of the entire event was $150 for all 40 people. That includes invites, stamps, food, and the small amount of decor I had out.

If you are in the planning stage of your shower, here are some ideas:

  1. Check out discount stores such as Burlington or Ross before purchasing an expensive dress. I found a cute knee-length maternity dress for $6 that I wore to my shower.
  2. Think about asking for books instead of a card. Cards are so expensive and most of the time just go right into the trash after the event. We sent a little insert with our invites that I attached to this post. We received so many compliments on how great of an idea it was from all of our guests. Out of all the books we received (upwards of 50) we only got TWO duplicates – both of which were Dr. Seuss books. Our son now has a huge variety of books for us to read to him at bedtime. The best part is that we received so many “favorite childhood books” from all of our friends and family. Books that they loved as children and now our son gets to experience them as well.
  3. Diaper raffles are amazing. Guests were informed that we would be doing a raffle for diapers. We let them know it was voluntary and let them decide if they wanted to participate. We had 4 popcorn buckets with candy, redvines, and a code for free redbox movies. Each prize ran about $5 and then we had two “big” prizes. One had wine, stemless glasses, and a stopper. The other had two whiskey glasses, coasters, and a ice sphere mold. We are on size 3 diapers currently and have not had to buy a single pack of diapers yet. Each person received one ticket per 10 diapers they brought and everyone seemed to enjoy the raffle.
  4. We did a co-ed shower because we wanted to celebrate with all of our friends; and not just the female ones. Our shower was more of a celebration than a standard shower. We played yard games, pool, darts, and gave out raffle tickets to winners. All of our male friends said it was way more fun than they ever expected a baby shower to be!

It is truly amazing how much love and support we received from all of our friends and family. There is nothing better than celebrating the arrival of your baby with your loved ones.

Comment below with your favorite parts from your shower!


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