69: Picky Eaters with Poppy Duhnke

Parenting Podcast – Episode 69 Picky Eaters with Poppy Duhnke

Poppy is a Mom to 1yr old twin girls and the owner of a Montessori-inspired Playschool and Daycare. She has been in childcare professionally for 6 years and forever lives in the infant and toddler phase. She has helped transform more than 20 fussy, picky eaters into happy, adventurous eaters, and wants to help other Moms who struggle with mealtimes, do the same with their LOs!

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Show Notes

– How do you get your child to try new foods?

– Is it normal for them to not like something the first few times you introduce it? 

– Can babies become more picky as they get older and become toddlers?

– What are some of the most common foods toddlers refuse to eat?

– Is it okay to try to sneak veggies into other foods (like pasta sauce, smoothies, etc)

– What are some activities to pique food curiosity and exploration?

– Tell us a little bit about your 4 week process

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Peace Corner – Poppy recommends creating a quiet space where kids can unwind. Check out the episode for examples of what she has included in her corner!

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