Baby Car Mirror by Shynerk

The Shynerk Baby Car Mirror is a great way to keep an eye on your littles while they are rear facing. Before I dive into why I love this product, I want to first give a disclaimer. From a pure safety standpoint, car mirrors are not a good idea. They distract parents from the road and they do not pass the “ouch” test. The ouch test is a common theory that a product is safe to have in the car if you would feel comfortable tossing it at your baby (please don’t actually toss it). 

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Now that I covered that portion, I understand that some parents (like myself) are going to purchase a mirror regardless. When I am in a car without the mirror, I end up looking back way more often just trying to see what is going on inside the car seat. Not being able to see my child when I want to check on him gives me anxiety and I really enjoy having a way to look back and check on him. 

This mirror is large and convex so it is easy to see exactly what is going on in the rear facing seat. This also allows for a larger range of view; my husband and I can both see our son, even though he is almost a foot taller than me. The mirror itself is made of plastic so you don’t have to worry about it shattering in an accident. However, it is very clear and isn’t like the toy mirrors you get with baby toys. 


This mirror is so easy to adjust and does not shake at all during car rides. It has a swiveling ball socket so you can attach it to the headrest and angle it however you’d like. I have it set up so I can look through my rearview mirror and see my son through this mirror, along with having a clear view of my back windshield. It comes with two sets of straps for the headrest; one set goes around the sides and the other goes over the top and bottom. The dual straps makes me feel a lot more confident that it will stay in place in an accident and it doesn’t move around during car rides. 


The only downside to this mirror is it really takes two people to set up. It’s possible with one person, but you have to do a trial and error type of method to get it positioned correctly. Other than this, I have not found any other downsides to the mirror; we even purchased a second one for our other vehicle!

Final Thoughts

If you are going to purchase a mirror, it’s important to look for a mirror that fastens tightly and is not just a suction cup. This mirror by Shynerk has been great and has provided us with peace-of-mind during our car trips.

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