66: Sleep Regressions with Dr. Sarah Mitchell

Pregnancy Podcast – Episode 66: Sleep Regressions with Dr. Sarah Mitchell

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Dr. Sarah Mitchell is a chiropractor by training but found her true calling as a sleep consultant when her first child just.would.not.sleep.  Since 2013 she’s empowered thousands of parents to teach their little ones to sleep and enjoy their parenting journey to the fullest.  

She’s the owner of Helping Babies Sleep.  She’s also on a mission to change the dialogue away from “sleep training” to “sleep teaching” to be more reflective of what’s happening when helping your little one get more sleep. 

Dr. Sarah is a proud member of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine. Originally from Ottawa, Ontario Canada, Sarah resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, son and daughter.  She wants you to know you can be loving, attached and well-rested.


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Show Notes

– What is a Sleep Regression and what causes them?

– When do you typically see these occur? 

– 4 Month regression 

– 5-8 Month regression

– 9 Month regressions

– 12 month/ molars

– 14-18

– 22 month

– 2nd year molars

– 2.5 year nap

– Can you prevent regressions?

– Is there a point when you might want to reach out to your pediatrician 

– why we think getting our kids to sleep should be instinctual and easy

– why “drowsy but awake” might be setting you up to fail

– The causes of early morning wake ups – at any age – kind of ties into sleep regressions. 

Resources from the episode:

Helping Babies Sleep School (online course): http://www.helpingbabiessleepschool.com/ 

Sleep Summary by age: https://helpingbabiessleep.mykajabi.com/sleep-summary-by-age 

The Wonder Weeks: https://www.thewonderweeks.com/

Where to find Dr. Sarah: 

Website: https://www.helpingbabiessleep.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helpingbabiessleep/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/helpingbabiessleep/ 

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