58: Technology usage in very young children with Tara Egan 

Parenting Podcast – Episode 58: Technology usage in very young children with Tara Egan

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Dr Tara Egan is a child & adolescent therapist, a parent coach, the author of two parenting books, and a public speaker. She’s also the host of a parenting podcast called “One Day You’ll Thank Me.” Dr. Egan is here today to talk all about Technology usage in very young children. 

Growing Our Family · S02E58 – Technology usage in very young children with Tara Egan


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Show Notes

1. A little bit about Dr. Tara Egan!

2. What are your thoughts on screen time? 

3. When should/can parents start introducing screens? 

4. Are some types of “screen time” better than others?

5. A lot of parents assume it’s best to limit screens as much as possible, is this the best route to take or is there a benefit to monitored screen time?

6. How much screen time does the AAP recommend based on age? 

7. How and when should you start establishing rules to accompany screen time? 

8. What are some of the benefits and downsides to screen time?

9. How can parents reduce screen time without meltdowns if they have found their children have gotten too dependent on it? 

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Dr. Tara Egan’s Technology Course: https://www.charlotteparentcoaching.com/managing-tech-social-media

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Website: https://www.charlotteparentcoaching.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charlotteparentcoaching/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tara-egan-56017527/ 

“One day you’ll thank me” podcast: https://www.charlotteparentcoaching.com/podcast

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