34: Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Podcast – Episode 34: Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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How much weight should you gain during pregnancy? This is one of the most common questions among pregnant women and the answer can vary based on your prepregnancy BMI. The best solution is to check with your prenatal healthcare provider to set a weight gain goal. 

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Note: This is not a post to shame ANYONE, this is for information only! The only person who should be telling you to gain or not gain weight is your prenatal care provider. Anyone else who feels the need to comment on your weight (pregnant or not) can go fly a kite. 

Recommended weight gain for normal pre-pregnancy BMI’s: 25-35 lbs

First Trimester: 1-5 lbs

Second Trimester: 1-2 lbs/week

Third Trimester: 1-2 lbs/week

*This will go up or down depending on if you were under or overweight before pregnancy. 

The number of women who actually gain within their BMI recommendations: 32%

Yes, you read that correctly. ONLY ⅓ OF PREGNANT WOMEN GAIN WITHIN THE RANGE. 

– 48% gain more than the recommended amount

– 21% gain less than the recommendation

MYTH: “You are eating for two”

You don’t need any extra calories during the first trimester (stick to about 1800)! During the second and third you should increase to 2200 and 2400 calories, respectively. 

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the 30 lbs of weight gain is distributed as follows:

7.5 lbs – Your Baby’s weight at delivery (approximately)

1.5 lbs – Placenta

4.0 lbs – Extra fluids

2.0 lbs – Uterus

2.0 lbs – Breast tissue

4.0 lbs – Increased blood volume

7.0 lbs – Maternal Fat Stores***

2.0 lbs – Amniotic Fluid


Total: 30 lbs

***When you hear 30 lbs, it sounds like a lot! However, only 7 lbs of that is an increase of fat; the rest of it has been accounted for in growing a human!

I gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy, which was about 3x my recommended amount. I remember scrolling through those pregnancy forums and seeing women complaining about gaining A WHOLE 3 POUNDS during the first trimester [insert eyeroll]. It is usually followed by multiple comments agreeing with them and how they felt like a “fat cow” for the 4 lbs they put on. 

I understand weight gain can be a very hard thing for a lot of women, and accepting this change in your body isn’t easy. I also understand that to these women, 3 or 4 pounds may seem like a crazy amount. And I understand that gaining too little can be just as challenging as gaining too much. However, as someone who gained 15 lbs in the first trimester alone, it felt very isolating to see all of these comments from women who gained very little or even lost weight. 

Looking back, I wish I would’ve responded so I could help other moms see they weren’t alone! I had no idea so many women fell outside of the “normal” range of weight gain, but social media can really skew what seems to be the average. 

It is important to try and eat healthy and stay active during pregnancy, and this can also help reduce chances of complications later on! However, every single body is different, and as long as your Midwife/OB says otherwise – you are doing great! 

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